Accomodation & Transfer


Accomodation & Tranfer

 Recommended Accommodation Offers near ALBA Synchrotron

Hotel rooms at Hotel Exe Campus, at the UAB Campus close to ALBA facility, are available at 65,97€ per night plus touristic tax, breakfast included. Please, give there reference ‘AUSE-ALBAUSER 2019′ when you book the room. 

Hotel Rooms. Contact information:  Eva Llorente, +34 93 580 83 53

Transportbetween ALBA and Hotel Exe Campus

Publictransport. Public bus line connecting Bellaterra FGC train station, Cerdanyola RENFE train station, UAB Hotel and ALBA. For further information, check the map. Taxi service

Bus transfer will be arranged between Hotel Exe Campus and ALBA synchrotron during the conference days